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La colombe libanaise

Née dans une modeste famille de Beyrouth, elle s'appelait Nohad Haddas. L'adolescente reussit a se faire entendre par quelques professionnels de la radio libanaise dont le celebre Halim El-Roumi qui lui offre sa premiere chanson et la rebaptise Fairouz (pure Durquoise), et lui fait rencontrer avec les deux freres Rahbani, Assi et Mansour.
Fairouz et Assi se marieent en 1954, ils eurent trois enfants et des milliers de chansons, quelques dizaines de sketches et de comedies musicales dont plusieurs furent présentées au festival de Baalbeck.
Farrouz n'aquitté le Liban que pour de rares concerts exeptionnels, toujours egale a elle-meme, porte-parole de tout ce qui vibre d'émotion: les fleurs, le cèdre, la lune, lesetoiles, la terre, les refugiés, les oiseaux, les enfants, les jeunes filles, les femmes, les humains, tous representés dans sa voix unique, entre grâce raffinée et religieuse, La reine peut même remplir un concert à Las Vegas avec clus de 10 000 spectateurs !

Passion for a pure lady

Both poetry and great history, simple notes music and symphony, it is what renders our everyday life more beautiful, and gives the color of our dreams, from the sweetest to the maddest ones. Elsewhere, how did we live before? Before her voice does come into our life? She was born in a modest family of Beyrouth, her real name was Nohad Haddas, she was a child that sang all the time.
The adolescent was to be heard by some professionals of the radio, the famous Halim El-Roumi that offered her first song. He gave her the name of Fairouz (pure turquoise), and made other gifts that would change her life: the encounter with the two brothers Rahbani, Assi and Mansour. They both understood that this sublime voice was going to be the essential support of the whole scene in the musical area. Fairouz and Assi married in 1954, they had three children and thousands songs, some sketches and musicals presented at the festival of Baalbeck. Fairuz has resisted, with dignity to the assaults of adversity and glory, to the anguish of war (she never wanted to leave the Liban), always equal to herself, and sang the flowers, the nature, the sun, moon and stars, the earth, the refugees, birds, the children, girls, women, humans, alltogether in her unique voice.
Now she sings for a very few official events, always packed of passionated adirs (her latestLas Vegas concert with +10 000 people).

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